Free Pregnancy Services

Colorado Springs Pregnancy Center is proud to offer the following free services:

Pregnancy Testing

An unplanned pregnancy can be scary, and there’s little doubt that it can change your plans in an instant. But before deciding on your next steps, it is important to find out for sure by having a pregnancy test performed. Colorado Springs Pregnancy Center can provide you with free pregnancy testing so you can get the answer you need.

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If you have received a positive pregnancy test result during your appointment with us, it is highly recommended that you have an ultrasound performed. Ultrasounds can provide you with several important pieces of information about the pregnancy, including gestational age and viability.

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STD Testing

An unplanned pregnancy is not the only potentially concerning outcome from having unprotected sex; it can also lead to sexually transmitted diseases. Plus, it is possible to have contracted an STI/STD without even knowing it. If you are concerned you may have an STI/STD, please visit us today for free testing.

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Parenting Program

Are you pregnant, but don’t free prepared for parenthood? Our Parenting program can help walk you through nearly everything you’ll need to know as a new or expectant parent, from having a healthy pregnancy to raising a child.

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Abortion Recovery

Many women struggle to cope with an abortion from their past, whether the procedure was recent or occurred several years ago. Often, they do not know who to turn to. If you find yourself struggling to overcome an abortion, please contact us today to learn more about our Bridges of Hope recovery program.

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While we strive to provide everyone who walks through our doors with helpful, relevant services, there are some services and resources we are unable to provide. However, we are able to help with referrals for several services in the Colorado Springs area. Please contact us today to learn more.

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