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What Does an Abortion Cost?

A common question we receive is "How much is an abortion?" The answer varies tremendously depending on what stage of pregnancy the woman is in. For example, if the woman is in her first trimester, the abortion will cost somewhere between $350-$1000.

Of course, the cost increases as the procedure becomes more advanced. After the first trimester, the cost raises to $600-$2000, depending on the procedure that is necessary.

Should there be complications during or after your abortion procedure, the price will raise to cover the additional expense.

Also, the cost varies depending on the location of your abortion procedure-private practice, clinic, or hospital.

How much is an Abortion - Emotional Costs
An aspect that doesn't get talked about often is the emotional and psychological cost of abortion. Following the procedure, many women report feeling regret, guilt, and feelings of anger. Others struggle with loneliness, depression, and anxiety.

Abortion is a loss and requires time for grief and mourning. Oftentimes, society tells you to ignore or repress those feelings. Instead, it is important to acknowledge these feelings and find counseling to help you work through the loss of your baby.

When making a decision about abortion, consider the physical costs, but don't forget to take into account the emotional costs as well.

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